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Making pay, pay.

Hi boosts the financial wellbeing of workers with free flexible access to pay, whilst giving businesses an all-new cashflow tool for their payroll.

Hello, we're Hi.

Hi is a Social Enterprise that enables businesses to boost their liquidity via an innovative payroll solution.


Hi also gives their employees access to their earned money either weekly or daily, improving their cash flow and ability to budget by removing the long wait for payday.


Freedom of Pay

Improve your employees’ financial wellbeing with free, flexible access to their pay

Freedom from Payroll

A new stream of free cash flow for employers by financing your salary commitments

30 days.png

Want to know how much cash flow we can unlock for your business?

Cash without debt

A new source of capital, that doesn’t add debt to the balance sheet

Free for employees

We will never charge employees for access to their earned money

Social impact

We're committed to creating positive social change and making the world financially stronger


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