Frequently Asked Questions

For Individuals

What is Hi?

We're Hi, a pioneering FinTech dedicated to assisting Businesses and Pension Funds in offering more flexible payment options for pensioners and employees. How do we accomplish this? Through the introduction of a brand new Mastercard Access Card.

How does Hi operate?

Each day, the spending limit on the Hi Access Card grows, offering immediate, contactless access to your funds as needed, for free. At the end of the month, your administrator processes payroll as usual, deducting the amount spent on the card, and the remaining balance is disbursed to your regular bank account. Any amount spent on the Access Card will be reflected on your Hi App or Web Portal under the History tab.

Is it possible to access my entire earnings as I receive them?

Hi presently offers access to a portion of your gross pay, within agreed-upon limits set by your employer or pension fund administrators. Additionally, you have the flexibility to establish your own spending limits and receive alerts through the Hi app.

How much does it cost me?

Hi is, and will always remain, completely free for individuals. The costs are covered by your employer or pension fund as part of a benefits package.

Do I need to use the Hi Card to access my pension?

No. If you do not spend on the Hi Card, you will receive your full pension on the regular pension payday.

What happens to my pension if I do use the Hi Card?

Any spending made on the Hi Card will automatically be deducted from your pension payment, and the remaining amount will be paid to your bank account on your normal pension payday.

Will I consistently get my full pay?

You will always receive your full pay, with the deduction of any card expenditures made within the month.

Is the Hi Card a credit card?

No, credit is not being provided. You can only spend the portion of your pension already accrued and available on your Hi Card. You just don’t need to wait until payday to access it.

How can I check my balance if I don’t have an app?

As your balance will change each day, the most effective way to check it is by downloading the Hi mobile app or visiting our web portal (To register to the portal, please email to request). If you decide not to download the app, you can view your balance at any ATM that accepts Mastercard.

I have forgotten my card-PIN. How can I be reminded?

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can view this using the Hi mobile app.

Is a smartphone necessary for Hi Access Card usage?

No, a smartphone is not necessary, however, you will need a mobile phone number to activate your card. Our mobile app gives you a way to view your earnings and card transactions in real time.

Is this a loan?

No. We only give you access to the money you have already earned.

Will this affect my credit rating?

No, this is not a loan and we do not need to run any form of credit check.

For Business

What is Hi?

Hi is a pioneering FinTech dedicated to assisting businesses in accessing quick and affordable working capital while offering more flexible payment options for employees. How do we accomplish this? Through the introduction of a revolutionary financial solution, we've termed Pay Asset Finance – allowing Employers to externally finance their payroll for the first time ever.

What does Hi offer business?

Hi enables companies to delay payroll by financing it for them. Through releasing this new source of unsecured working capital, Hi can match your payroll liabilities to your Payment Terms, enhancing your financial management. Additionally, our flexible pay products for employees contribute to businesses' ability to attract and retain top talent.

How does Hi affect other employee benefits?

All deductions, including tax, pensions, and other employee benefits, remain unaffected. Both parties continue to make these payments as usual.

Who can sign up to use Hi?

Hi is currently available to any company employing over 50 people.

Will Hi impact a company's ability to obtain other lines of credit?

Payroll debt (i.e., outstanding wages) does not appear on a company's balance sheet, aside from being a payroll obligation. Therefore, utilising the scheme should not have an impact on a company's credit rating.

What is the regulatory authority for Hi55 Ventures?

Hi serves as an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent for Payrnet, a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

For Pension Funds

What is the Hi Access Card?

Hi provides pension members with a Pension Access Card, a Mastercard which allows pensioners to access their pension in real time for free, rather than waiting for their regular pension payday, serving as an effective tool for financial management. This solution is particularly useful in avoiding debt in situations involving unforeseen expenses, reducing stress and improving emotional wellbeing.

How does it work?

Hi works with your Pension Administrator to offer a seamless solution to your members, catering for digital and non-digital users. The Pension Admin shares the payroll data required for Hi to set up the user on the platform and issue the cards, which are shipped to their home address. Once the cards are in use, a monthly exchange of payments will be conducted securely, deducting any net salary accessed during the month and ensuring each pensioner is paid their full net pension.

How does Hi affect pensioner deductions?

All deductions, including tax, pensions, and other pensioner benefits, remain unaffected. The Pension admin continues to make these payments as usual and simply sends Hi the net pension for Payday.

How much support is available throughout the implementation process?

Hi’s Operations team will collaborate closely with your Pension Administrator to establish and advance every stage of the process. An agreed-upon set of processes and timelines will be defined to ensure successful delivery. Our Customer Success and support team will be accessible to address any issues raised by your users in a professional and timely manner.

What level of support is provided for Hi Card users?

We offer round-the-clock phone support that holds FCA authorization and regulation and is compliant with PCI standards.

What is the regulatory authority for Hi55 Ventures?

Hi serves as an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent for Payrnet, a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Apple Pay

How to add a card?

Apple Pay is here and available on all your Apple devices. To get started, open Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch, or select Wallet & Apple Pay in System Preferences on your iPad or Mac. Now you’re just a few taps away from using Apple Pay with your Hi Access card.

Are Apple Pay transactions secure?

Apple Pay uses the security features built into your Apple device—to help keep your purchases private and secure. All transactions require Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and a double click on your Apple Watch. These features are designed so only you can make purchases with Apple Pay. Your actual card number is never stored on your device or Apple servers. And when you pay, your card number is never shared by Apple with merchants, keeping these details hidden and offering an additional level of protection against fraud.

Can I use Apple Pay for online transactions and in app?

Yes, with Apple Pay, information like your name and address automatically populate at checkout. Now paying is faster than ever. With Apple Pay, there’s no need to manually fill in all of your payment details. Just look for at Apple Pay checkout.

About Hi

What is Hi?

Hello, we’re Hi. An innovative FinTech created to help companies unlock fast, affordable working capital and pay employees more flexibly. How do we do it? We’ve created a new type of finance. We call it Pay Asset Finance – a new asset class that makes payroll accessible for everyone.

Who are Hi?

Hello! We are Hi, a Social Enterprise and pay platform committed to “Making the World Financially Stronger”.

Who services, manages and operates Hi?

Hi was created by UK-based fintech Hi55 Ventures. It is fully serviced, managed, and operated by Hi55 Ventures.

What makes Hi and its products different?

Hi is the only product to unlock working capital from an employee benefit. As a new source of capital, PAF doesn’t add more debt to the balance sheet. Hi never charges employees to access their earned money.