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Hi are working directly with a Pension Administrator to offer a seamless solution to pensioners catering for digital and non-digital users.

Freedom For Pensions

Hi have created a brand-new financial solution for the Pension market. Providing every pensioner free real-time access to their pension, rather than monthly, delivered in partnership with Mastercard. Avoiding shortfalls on expenses mid pay-period and high-interest borrowing services.

A physical card supported by a digital solution

Get full visibility of your pension as you earn it

Insights on your card transactions as you spend

Coming Soon

Automated payroll software integration, enabling real-time tax calculation for the defined contribution market

It’s time for change.
You’ve earned it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hi Access Card?

Hi provides pension members with a Pension Access Card, a Mastercard which allows pensioners to access their pension in real time for free, rather than waiting for their regular pension payday, serving as an effective tool for financial management. This solution is particularly useful in avoiding debt in situations involving unforeseen expenses, reducing stress and improving emotional wellbeing.

How does it work?

Hi works with your Pension Administrator to offer a seamless solution to your members, catering for digital and non-digital users. The Pension Admin shares the payroll data required for Hi to set up the user on the platform and issue the cards, which are shipped to their home address. Once the cards are in use, a monthly exchange of payments will be conducted securely, deducting any net salary accessed during the month and ensuring each pensioner is paid their full net pension.

How does Hi affect pensioner deductions?

All deductions, including tax, pensions, and other pensioner benefits, remain unaffected. The Pension admin continues to make these payments as usual and simply sends Hi the net pension for Payday.

How much support is available throughout the implementation process?

Hi’s Operations team will collaborate closely with your Pension Administrator to establish and advance every stage of the process. An agreed-upon set of processes and timelines will be defined to ensure successful delivery. Our Customer Success and support team will be accessible to address any issues raised by your users in a professional and timely manner.

What level of support is provided for Hi Card users?

We offer round-the-clock phone support that holds FCA authorization and regulation and is compliant with PCI standards.

What is the regulatory authority for Hi55 Ventures?

Hi serves as an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent for Payrnet, a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).