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Welcome to freedom. Hi is a privately financed, unique, digital payroll scheme to empower the individual to access what is rightfully theirs, when they need or want it. In doing so, we’re pioneering a superior asset class - allowing employers to externally finance their payroll for the first time.

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Fintech New Product of the Year Winner 2023

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We stand by our values.


We will not grow at the expense of our planet or the communities in which we operate. We will endeavour to ensure our clients and partners uphold the same values and standards as ourselves.


We are committed to ensuring our board and management teams reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We will publish our CEO pay ratio, gender pay ratio, and diversity figures, even if local regulations do not require it.


Our products will always be designed to make the world financially stronger and give people, businesses and governments control over their finances. We will never charge employees for faster access to their earned money. We will support our local communities through projects and partnerships that make a real difference to peoples’ lives.


We believe in an open, trust first relationship with all employees, regardless of seniority. Employees are represented on our board by someone elected by them. We believe that long-term, substantial employee equity participation is vital to the success of our business. We will be transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hi?

Hello, we’re Hi. An innovative FinTech created to help companies unlock fast, affordable working capital and pay employees more flexibly. How do we do it? We’ve created a new type of finance. We call it Pay Asset Finance – a new asset class that makes payroll accessible for everyone.

Who are Hi?

Hello! We are Hi, a Social Enterprise and pay platform committed to “Making the World Financially Stronger”.

Who services, manages and operates Hi?

Hi was created by UK-based fintech Hi55 Ventures. It is fully serviced, managed, and operated by Hi55 Ventures.

What makes Hi and its products different?

Hi is the only product to unlock working capital from an employee benefit. As a new source of capital, PAF doesn’t add more debt to the balance sheet. Hi never charges employees to access their earned money.