The next generation of Payroll

Unlocking a new working capital asset - Payroll. Freedom from Payroll, an all-new cashflow tool for your business, which improves the financial wellbeing of your workers.

The traditional payroll model is broken.

Businesses turn to the Trade Finance industry to create liquidity to deal with the mismatch in timing between their Payroll expenses and Receivables income.

Unlock Payroll to meet your business needs

Hi funds the Payroll directly to match these Payment Terms and provide more affordable unsecured funding. Allowing employees to freely access their pay in real-time.

We call it Pay Asset Finance.

By providing your employees with Freedom (or an equivalent salary access benefit), you the Employer can elect to have your payroll expenses externally-funded on a revolving basis, extending your payroll payments to suit your business needs.

Brand-new source of unsecured credit by financing payroll

Unlock Payroll to meet business needs

Funded by major banks, Hi is your ticket to freedom

Already have a salary access scheme in place? Not to worry, Hi can integrate into your systems and help you unlock Freedom from Payroll.

It’s time for change.
You’ve earned it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hi?

Hi is a pioneering FinTech dedicated to assisting businesses in accessing quick and affordable working capital while offering more flexible payment options for employees. How do we accomplish this? Through the introduction of a revolutionary financial solution, we've termed Pay Asset Finance – allowing Employers to externally finance their payroll for the first time ever.

What does Hi offer business?

Hi enables companies to delay payroll by financing it for them. Through releasing this new source of unsecured working capital, Hi can match your payroll liabilities to your Payment Terms, enhancing your financial management. Additionally, our flexible pay products for employees contribute to businesses' ability to attract and retain top talent.

How does Hi affect other employee benefits?

All deductions, including tax, pensions, and other employee benefits, remain unaffected. Both parties continue to make these payments as usual.

Who can sign up to use Hi?

Hi is currently available to any company employing over 50 people.

Will Hi impact a company's ability to obtain other lines of credit?

Payroll debt (i.e., outstanding wages) does not appear on a company's balance sheet, aside from being a payroll obligation. Therefore, utilising the scheme should not have an impact on a company's credit rating.

What is the regulatory authority for Hi55 Ventures?

Hi serves as an Electronic Money Directive (EMD) agent for Payrnet, a company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).